New Vixen with New Ideas!

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Hello lovelies! I'm a brand new vixen and SO excited to be here! Seriously, I wanted to do this when I met the gang LAST year at Anime Midwest, and I held myself back. Well no more! I'm so glad I actually got to know Noel this year at the same con and got the nerve to say "Let's do this! Like now, give me the application, I want it!" and here I am! I'm so so so ready to see my first set go up. <3 <3 <3 I hope everyone loves it as much as I do! 

Anyway, I have so many ideas for future sets and cosplays! I hope I can get them out as frequently as I'm wanting to! Which is pretty frequently, by the way. ;D 

My all time favorite forever fandom is Kingdom Hearts! So naturally that's my first set. I can talk about Kingdom Hearts until my face turns blue. I'm definitely a magical girl fairy tales and princesses kind of girl for the most part. I guess my heart and imagination never grew up. <3 I'm not sure what else to say for this introductory post so.... Ta ta for now! ^^ <3

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