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Hello, Hai, and Ohai! Hello everyone! I am so very happy to be welcomed into the Pixel Vixen family! I've been a fan for years, and finally made the plunge with my first cosplay submission, which I hope will make all of you purrrrr like it did me! I had so much fun making it! I've been camming and modeling for a while now, but cosplay is something that has always interested me. I'm so glad I took the risk! I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you - models and members alike! I don't bite - hard - and I'm super friendly, unless you pet me the wrong way. :3 ~Anya

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Hey all!

Miss you guys, I feel like I've been neglecting you lately, sorry :( 

I've been super busy lately with all sorts of projects and performances.  Just so you remember I lurves you here's a little taste of what's been keeping me away.

Don't worry, I'm shooting a new set soon!!!




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HERE'S WHAT YOU'VE BEEN MISSING! not... XDb2ap3_thumbnail_13239048_624039771096805_6290934247098325019_n.jpgyes as always I went to a fetish BDSM evening with some friends and whell i got tied up lol XD
other then that I've finished a Gijinka of Dragonair :P right now i dont have any photos of the whole things but I'll try to get some soonb2ap3_thumbnail_13445650_634736686693780_2386349837334477332_n.jpgherLast week I was suposed to shoot a Lilith set for PV but got postponed due to some severe allergies...; ;

right now I'm in a rush for Montreal Comic Con(8-9-10 july) next week I spend almost the whole week at my partners place so we can advance more on our World Cosplay Summit skit and costume!! I'm so stressed! let's hope I win at Otakuthon! If yes I might go to japan next year!!! eek!!<3


Anyhow I'm gonna try to shoot more then one set in july since summer is a very busy time for me xD but hey I'm not forgetting about all of you guys and gals!!!

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Hiiiiiiiiii! : An Introduction


Hi, I'm Dabby! Camgirl, student, stoner, conspiracy theorist, festival junkie; and of course, lover of sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and cosplay.

I'm not new here. In fact, I think my first set on here went up over 2 years ago. Never too late for an introduction, right? Ooops. I'm one of those few and far between, whimsical creatures of the internet.

When I'm not grinding schoolwork, gaming, binging a series, or traveling; you can find me and my smut online.

Obviously, here at Pixel Vixens, you can see my exclusive cosplay porn you won't find anywhere else. More in the planning!

If you want to get a hold of me, Twitter.  @DabbyLala. Or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Most of my smut is just smut, not cosplay. Want to see? I have tons of videos and photos on and ManyVids.

Sometimes you can even catch me live on cam. I do shows on MyFreeCams and Chaturbate

So back to the few and far between thing. College. The thing I love most about my job is that I can focus on school. So what am I majoring in? Short answer: a lot. I have an Associate's of science degree, as well as certificates in finacial assistance, reception, data entry, and business. I'm currently working on a Bachelor's in accounting and a certificate in public and non-profit management. After I complete those, I plan on achieving a Master's in math and a certificate in teaching. And then, if my camming will keep it going, maybe a law degree. Why? Because I like school and I like porn and I want to postpone having to do anything else for as long as I can.

Besides work and school, I'm pretty typical. I smoke a lot of weed. If you didn't catch the reference in my name, I especially like dabs. I love travel, backpacking, the outdoors, exploration and adventures in general. I spend an ungodly amount of time staring into screens. I'm secretly really into memes and irony. And I often find myself pondering corruption in government and aliens. You know, the usual.

Anyways, I'll see ya around. Can't wait to show you more!







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I'm having to supress a lot of excited grins as I type this. I'm soooo super excited to be a part of the Pixel Vixens family!! It's a pleasure and an honor.

My main cosplay is classic Harley Quinn from Batman: The Animated Series, but I have some other looks for her, too! (As well as some other characters whom I hope to introduce throughout the coming months.)

Can't wait to interact with you all! *^_^*