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Okay, I know, it's barely Spring. But it won't be too long before the summer con season! And I'M. SO. EXCITED! Do you know what summer cons MEAN?! BIKINI COSPLAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! (Side note: while trying to type "bikini cosplay" I accidentally typed "bikink cosplay" which I translate to "bi kink cosplay" and honestly that's just as good I think soooooo... ANYWAY!) I mean you all know bikini Fluttershy is ready to go! And by now most of you if you're on my facebook probably know about this season's new bikini cosplay. But if you don't.... hehehehe... Well it's gonna keep me plenty "chilled" during the hot summer months. Any Overwatch fans out there I hope you'll love it! All the peices are already ordered and on their way, so it's a sure thing! 

Also, another cosplay is on its way. If you haven't seen Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun go watch it! It's cute! Watch it because the characters are awkward and it's great. Watch high schoolers be bad at flirting. Good stuff. And then watch me be the cutest awkward school girl heroine, cuz honestly why haven't I done such things before now? I should focus more on cutesy characters. I always tell myself this and then go for badass characters. I need more cute badasses in my life. This is what magical girls are for. Now I wanna go watch magical girls. Oh well. If you read through my rambling and still love me, we'd probably get along great, because honestly this is how my train of thought just goes.... <3 Oh! And I'm hoping to write more blog posts more frequently. Make it a weekly thing perhaps! So until next time! <3 <3 <3 

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So here's some news!

Yours truly got married this weekend!  We're procrastiantors, so we did it in 2 months, with work and shooting and family obligations in between, but we did it!

Now that that's all done, I'm ready to be more active with Pixel Vixens and working on some new cosplays for you all.  I've created some social media presence under Sabrina Inkwell, and I'm ready to jump in head first.  


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Hey everyone! Arte here! Sorta. I haven't really been myself lately and for that I apologize. You know me! I always want to be right up in the middle of everything! Not so much lately. Kinda been a downer. But when nobody's love went up yesterday I got all pumped up again, so I'm trying to bring myself out of this funk and get more... funky? Okay wow. Good. Great. I'm good at words. Anyhow. I wanna start working on new cosplays and burlesques. Burlesque is actually my FAVORITE part of pixel-vixens! I like picking out songs I feel like are perfect for the characters I'm portraying and making it come to life. ^^ So, I guess this whole ramble was just to say, I'm not dead? I'm still here. I still love pv. And I'm gonna come back from this swingin! Maybe literally? swing dance influenced burlesque? GASP! I LIKE THAT IDEA!!! Ah! But I'm rambling again! I'm always rambling, what am I talking about? Anyway! TTFN! Ta ta for now!

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Hope all of you are staying warm during this winter-ice festival that is happening outside. 

Due to some IRL stuff, I haven't had the time to buckle down and get around to some sets I wanted to do.

But come the beginning of May, I'll finally get to shoot new content, both photos and video (Gotta make up for lost time).   

And there may be a BlackCat helping me with the upcoming sets. :3

Stay Tuned


~Stay Frosty Pervs. 


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I had a really fun time this past weekend meeting a bunch of the PV models and shooting with everyone. It was a crazy busy weekend and now I'm exhausted but I am so excited about all the new content :) For videos I did a scene as Black Widow, Lara Croft, Ruko and SuperGirl. I also did a photoset in my Ryuko outfit and my SuperGirl outfit. And we shot a Sailor Moon photoset and video which was so hot! I can't wait to see how that came out :)

Here are a few BTS pics from the weekend: