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We all know we love a little girl on girl action... Especially between a Meister and her weapon gone gender-swapped!


Both Noel Cypress and Tyto Alba go LIVE as models for this week's update as Fem-Soul and Maka. This set is not only sexy, but beautifully located in a cemetery!

JOIN NOW to enjoy these two girls along with all of our other sexy cosplay girls!

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Pixel Vixens celebrated their new re-opening with attending MTAC in Nashville, TN at their very own booth in the red light district.

As you could tell... We were VERY excited to be there... ROFL.

We shared booth space with Noel's Solo Site, Noels Naughty Nook.

We did all sorts of stupid shit at our booth during our random spurts of energy...

such as Tyto-Fionna wanting to save the day.

And us just... well... Yeah I really dont know whats going on here. But Pinkie Pie is protecting our safe box.

So it was pretty fun being there! We met a whole bunch of people and had a whole bunch of fun... We even had a sexy event Saturday night! six happy ticket-buyers were allowed to come to our private con suite and -WATCH- a live photo shoot happen

...There was a lot of laughter and shennanigans. Needless to say the event lasted WAAAAAAAAY longer than it should have. Rofl. But it was just TOO much fun!

We ended the weekend with Meg The Shark getting a pretty hat from our booth-neighbors.

Now I'm ready for some sleep, fruit, a shit ton of water... and a bath. The con was REALLY fun and I can't wait to go back next year, but darn it I am POOPED.

Remember all you con-goers, our forum is free so feel free to join in or start some conversations! Not only that, remember all the smutty amazing PORN we have is in the site so JOIN NOW! <3


Love, Noel

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Remember wanting to see this set SO BADLY before Pixel Vixens left? Well, now you can! Our first update is the long lost Space Invader set... Isn't Uzi beautiful?

Join today to see her in -and out- of this costume!!!

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The rebuild of Pixel Vixens is almost ready to re-launch!

I *believe* I've finished building the site itself, and am just waiting for our payment processor to approve the site. This shouldn't take more than a couple days :D So the April 1st launch date is on schedule ^_^

When the site relaunches, you'll be able to see all sorts of lovelies that you remember, and a brand new set that hasn't been seen before ^_^

If you have any photographer or model questions, please contact the owner, Noel Cypress via this contact form

If you are having a technical problem with the website, please contact me with this contact form

Thanks for checking out the site & expect Noel to have some awesome things to come!