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I just got done with my first con with PixelVixens and OMG!!!! I am verklempt.


I got to see Mama Noel again and Kali again and meet Syren, Artemis, and Chibichan! We got to meet so many of you at our booth at Anime Midwest, and omg hugging and meeting and talking to y'all was an experience that I did not expect to be as fulfilling as it was (which was a lot). I found out I have fans. I HAVE FANS, Y'ALL! And they're hopefully you people!!! AND I'M YOUR FAN TOO!


I did Umaru-chan the first day:


Then I did Radical Edward the next day (FINALLY!):

And then I did Gremlin D.Va today!

We had three panel events. Our first one was a general Q and A. We got some really interesting questions stemming from what our goal is with our careers as models to what our favourte positions were. We also had a dating game panel where the cutest girl ever was my winning contestant. She was just so pure and adorable ^-^ Finally, we had our Burlesque event. I didn't get the opportunity to dance this time, as I am still recovering from a broken kneecap, but I did get to be a sexy little kitten and shake my ass on stage while cleaning up the props and clothes between numbers.

All in all, it was an amazing time. I got to shoot amazing content for the site, so keep an eye out for that soon.


If you are a fan who met me at the con, comment here! I wanna know all y'all!




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Omg guys. I am so sorry that I haven't been posting regularly. I have been so busy finishing up my undergrad (SQUEEEEE!) and working that I just get so tired. The holidays were pretty great, and I got a new lolita skirt that I can post photos of later. I got to play with my parents' dog a lot, and I got to go see family in Florida. It was 82 degrees there, so I was dying, and then when I got back, it was even colder here than it was when I left ><

I'm working on pulling together my Ed cosplay, but it's been going slowly (I keep putting off buying the parts T-T). I did,however, cut my hair into a bob now, so it'll be easier to wear wigs. It might also mean there are new cosplays I could do...maybe.

I'm really excited for all the things coming up soon. As always, please comment and also talk to me on the forums/my twitter! I love y'all!!



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I now officially have an uploaded set on here omg!!! And it couldn't come fast enough lol. I had to take a slight break from camming work, but I am excited to dive back into that with the added velocity that being a Pixel Vixen will give me!!!

Please remember that I have a twitter (@shoshannamerkel), and a ManyVids Account where you can purchase some pretty neato porn vids of me! I make custom content, as welllll

OK, with that all said and done, I wonder what set I should do next? I know a Velma is in the works, as well as a TARDIS cosplay...Maybe an Ed (Cowboy Bebop) cosplay???

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Hey guys! I can't believe that I finally get to be on the site and say hi to you all! It's really weird knowing that my shoots will be posted alongside models that I've fangirled over, but I am so very excited to get to know everyone and have a great time!

For those of you who don't know me (so, basically, everyone), I am Shoshanna! I'm 22 and I LOVE Anime and lots of comics. I also really like to sing and dance, and I'd say the character I most closely identify with in any show is Kaylee from Firefly.


I am also a cam girl in my free time! I go by the name Jewgurl4u over on Chaturbate and on ManyVids. Please, check me out!!!


I'm sure we will get to know each other more, and I can't wait for my first shoot to go up on the site!!!


Shosh <3