I'm Sabrina! I'm a native of the San Francisco Bay Area now floating between there and Philadelphia, PA. I'm a long time member of the kink, poly, and SCA communities, and I've worked an array of odd jobs i my life, giving me a bit of a unique experience of the world. I've survived some things, but they don't define me. They're simply part of the quilt that is me. I've always sought refuge in books, writing, and art, and my life revolves around learning new things.

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So here's some news!

Yours truly got married this weekend!  We're procrastiantors, so we did it in 2 months, with work and shooting and family obligations in between, but we did it!

Now that that's all done, I'm ready to be more active with Pixel Vixens and working on some new cosplays for you all.  I've created some social media presence under Sabrina Inkwell, and I'm ready to jump in head first.