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We having a poll and discussion thread regarding our upcoming MLP porn parody movie we're working on. It's over in the forums under Television/Movies... Go put your word in on it!

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We're coming up to the end of the offbeatr fundraiser for our DVD lines with only 19 days to go and just over half of our total required raised! We still need to raise about 2400 otherwise the fundraiser will not be funded and full feature DVDs will be put back on the shelf for some time :( Which we don't want what, we want sexy Vixen DVDs!

Spread the news, tell your favorite forums, if you're a brony tell other bronies! Get the news out we still need to fund this fundraiser!

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Colossalcon 2013 is this weekend! We've got a team of not four ladies, but SIX. That's right, come meet six of our amazing Vixen ladies. These ladies will be hosting three different events, a playful Q&A, a dating-game like from the 90's, and the grand finale - the Burlesque show! 

The vixens will also have a booth out in the hallway, so come on by and say hello to them!

We'll also be auctioning off some goodies and half the proceeds will be going to NEDA, National Eating Disorder Association. Included goodies in this auction is a single limited edition calendar signed by all six of the ladies in attendance at the con.

Which ladies will be there? Why the ones pictured, of course! Come meet Noel Cypress, Lola Hart, Glitch, Erisaka Blu, Jessi Slaughter, and Rev. Arielle!


Due to a sudden change in plans, Jessi Slaughter will not be in attendance at the con this year. Everyone shoot her some love because she'll still be there in spirit! <3

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So I think this is my first actual blog on pixel vixens despite being on here over a year.. Sorry guys. I mean I've done updates and everything else, just no blogs.

Sooo cam show, next week! I'm excited! Planning on painting myself up all red and doing some fun with y'all... It'll be great. I'm trying to think of a game to relate with knee socks as well.. I'm thinking either pswg trivia or some sort of " rules" game since she loves rules so much.

Either way, it'll be a fun and messy one! So I'm looking forward to it. Beyond that I'm looking forward to my next possible boy girl shoot. Decided on the costume, just need to buy myself a new tripod and wireless remote since both of mine broke. But once I find some that I like, I'll be working on that! Wewt!

 and beyond a guy/girl shoot, I have a sexy girl girl video with Jessi Slaughter. It. Was. HAWT! I'm so pumped for it to go up. In the case we do the DVD she and I will be doing another girl/girl scene together :-)  gonna be GREAT!

ANYWHO... no clue what else to talk about.. So I'll leave it at that. Hope y'all enjoyed this little blog! Feel free to comment and whatnot :-) 

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Come hang out with Jessi, Epona, Noel, and Lola at C2E2 this weekend! They'll be at the Pixel Vixens booth (Booth 1487, by the food court!) selling awesome swag and hanging out in some sexy cosplay! The girls will be selling some awesome swag as well, and autographed prints of themselves!

Stop by to talk with the ladies and grab a discounted membership!