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Good news everybody! My Little Porny: Fucking is Magic is officially ready to ship! Our offbeatr’s will be receiving theirs between now and next month. After all of theirs are done, pre-orderers will be getting theirs. The DVD will be up for grabs in our store around April 1st!


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I keep getting asks from people on whether or not Kyrie and I "faked" my rubbing her cute little outey clit with her vibrator in the photo set. Jimany Jaminy, people, NO! Haha. So I guess a little story time is in order, is it not? 

Kyrie and I have known each other since I was... I think a sophomore in High School. We've been friends that entire time, generally pretty close ones. I finally talked her into Pixel Vixens recently because I found out how much of a freak in the bed she is and you know me - hot nerdy girl? I need to try her myself ;) 

We were both sooo nervous. I mean, I was nervous before I did any scene with Raiden, Jesse Slaughter, And Rev. Arielle... but this was a new nervous! I'd been curious what it's like to sleep with this girl since I was a high school kid, so the chance had me all sorts of a flutter. But yes, I got to rub her cute little clit with the vibrator (and we had to tell the photographer to go away about halfway through to erm... "collect" ourselves ;) 

So there we have it, boys and girls - the answer to what you keep asking! 

Oh and also - What sort of set should I do for PV next? I'm ALWAYS shooting for my personal site, but I always try to go above and beyond for PV... so let me know some suggestions on what you think I should do (and who I should do it with?) 

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Our official 2014 Calendar is finally available in our new store! 

Purchase yours today to enjoy the Vixens year-round!

Also you might notice our store got a make-over. Make use now of our shopping cart and easy-to-explore set up!

What a doozy of a title! But it's true that we have many updates for you viewers here at! For starters, a new poster has made its way into our store! After asking people for what they wanted to see next, Jessi was big ask-for, with Rev. Arielle being a close second. Looks like Arielle will be our third coming poster then. Until then, check out Jessi's new poster now!

Our poster prices have also dropped to $20! Grab yours before our first shipment is gone!


For other updates, we will soon also be launching a clothing line. Undies, tanktops, and hoodies will be our first priority. First designs have been okayed and mailed out, we will announce when our first batch hits head quarters, then they'll be for sale! Want to represent Pixel-Vixens with our witty clothing? Then stay tuned.

Also, DVD editting is coming close to an end. Meaning we will be moving on to the DVD producing shortly. An exact date for release is still unknown, but be looking for My Little Porny: Fucking is Magic around late winter or early spring. 


Last but not least, we'll be making a small change to the site again: A members area! The members area will be only available to our premium members once they've signed in. There will be members-only news, previews to future sets, and soon enough we'll be featuring members-only blogs from our models. 

Thank you all to the members who continue to support us as Pixel-Vixens continues to grow exponentially. We would be no where without you all!

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Remember you can pre-order your copy today in our store!
Starring Jessi Slaughter, Raiden Centaur, Cupcake, StudMuffin, Noel Cypress, Lola Hart, Rev. Arielle, and Rhyan Rotten