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All pre-orders have been sent out to offbeatr's and customers for our first DVD, including the 20 that were sent back to us (so if you don't have yours yet, chances are it's in route!). That means we're finally getting the DVDs back onto our virtual shelves! Expect them in our store on the 18th of this month, that's only TWO WEEKS AWAY

Also, we'll be making an appearance at Ikasucon at the beginning of next month! Come find our booth to meet Rev. Arielle, Cupcake, Brooke Tanner, and Jessi Slaughter! Or attend our four panels/events, our Burlesque show being one of them! 


Did you miss this year's burlesque show at Colossalcon? Don't worry! We're in the middle of uploading the videos of all the acts up onto our extras section. For those who attended - they'll be uploaded in a weird order (as we receive them, honestly) but soon enough all of them will be up on the site. We hope you enjoy them!

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Welp... I'm back from Colossalcon! Dang, even though I wasn't there as a "Model" and just there as the leader for the PV team, I am beat. My fatigue is at a max right now and I tried to keep myself lazy all day yesterday just to recover! Con life can be such a hard one... :P 

I feel like we did so amazingly this year. We managed to raise 250$ to donate to National Eating Disorder Association. That's 2.5X more than last year - so I'm INCREDIBLY pumped!! Im so excited so many of you donated toward the cause (Not only that, made sure to get Raiden's pants off during the burlesque! HAHA! Next year we may just force him into something skimpier for your pleasure.)


Im so excited I met so many of you... There were so many amazing people and Im puuuurdy sure I met the love of my life (XENA/POISON IVEY, IM LOOKING AT YOU!)

Anyways, back to real life! I need to get back to work for more updates and whatnot!

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I'm gonna be honest - I should probably be doing way more stuff right now but I need a moment to sit and relax - even if it's five minutes to bust out a blog for you guys to read. 
Colossalcon is tomorrow which means I'm a bustle of nerves. Granted, I'm excited to hang out with all the Vixens who are showing up (there are nine of us who will be in attendance in total. Nine. Plus OTHER friends Im also excited to see) but with also being the boss lady I'm freaking out trying to make sure everything is in order.


Our booth set up is going to be drastically different than last years. On one hand, I'm excited to see it go up. On the other - petrified. I need to ensure everything is packed safely and I don't forget everything, and considering its difficult to remember my breakfast some days I'm writing and re-writing lists just to make sure. 

For those who have been following my updates on other sites - yes my health has been in and out. I've been decent this past week except for yesterday - which means I won't be partaking in any of the events (I will, however, be recording them. So I'll be in the room at the very least!) but you'll still be able to find me at the booth! I'll likely live at my booth all con. Haha. If you have trouble finding us, we'll be in the artists alley.


Anyways. Thats enough relax time from me. I'm sure the PV's twitter will be getting updated with Vines and whatnot for the next few days - so be sure to keep an eye out for Vixen Shenanigans!

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hey guys! Long time no blog! <3

So life has been puuurdy hectic. Been getting a whole bunch of different Vixen projects finished and started. I've also been getting our team ready for COLOSSALCON which is in less than a month!! (uh.. SQUEEEE!!!) im so very excited for that con. It's simply going to be a blast. I'm also excited to be back with all my Vixen ladies <3 It's been a YEAR since I've seen Glitch and Erisaka... so I'm UUUUBER excited to see them (im also excited to see everyone else, I've simply already seen them more recently!!)

Speaking of which, a few vixens and I will be working on a SECRET project at the end of this month. We'll hopefully be displaying it at Colossalcon... So you wanna find out what it is? Come find our events and booth!!!