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I am really excited that it is warm enough to start doing shoots outdoors! I still have my DIY Poison Ivy costume that I want to do a photoset and video of in the woods. and I'll be getting a new sewing machine soon. I want to start making more outfits on a regular basis so if there is any specific coplay let me know!

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I had a really fun time this past weekend meeting a bunch of the PV models and shooting with everyone. It was a crazy busy weekend and now I'm exhausted but I am so excited about all the new content :) For videos I did a scene as Black Widow, Lara Croft, Ruko and SuperGirl. I also did a photoset in my Ryuko outfit and my SuperGirl outfit. And we shot a Sailor Moon photoset and video which was so hot! I can't wait to see how that came out :)

Here are a few BTS pics from the weekend:


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I'm really happy to be working on some new costumes to shoot in. The other day I coated an old pair of heels in green glitter for my Poision Ivy outfit. Now I'm working on the rest of it by covering a bra and pain of panties in ivy leaves. I'm also altering a pair of shorts and tank top to do Lara Croft...I just need to great breats implants for that one, lol.

I've had a lot of video shoots recently so I have a lot of editing to catch up on but I need to make sure I have all my costumes set for the shoot in Februrary. I'm so excited to finally be doing more cosplay!

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The past year have been a weird one for me with a lot of ups and downs. On the plus side I only ended up in the ER once which is way down from 2015, lol. But work for me has been going pretty well. I've done a lot of fun shoots recently, my video stores are doing well, and I am back to doing dominatrix sessions which is a great way to relieve stress, haha.


And for one week I was officially a cyborg! I had a trial nerve stimulator implant which means I had electrical wires running up along my spinal cord connected to an external remote. With the remote I could change the frequency and intensity of the electrical pulses going through the wires. The whole point of this experiment was to try to control the nerve pain I have in my foot from a failed surgery. For some people the electrical impulses from the implanted electrodes disrupt the pain signals going to the brain. Unfortunately for me this did not happen and I just felt the nerve pain in my foot plus the sensation of being electrocuted. So that was fun.

But on to more fun things...this year I mostly focused my energy on producing videos for my download stores but I also opened my own membership based paysite for fans of my wetlook and messy fetish videos. It's mostly a video site but here is a photo of me covered in green slime from one of my photosets on the site:

leila hazlett covered in green slime nude


And towards the end of the year I decided I needed to update my portfolio so I did a few photo shoots for fun. Here are some of the images from my more recent shoots:

leila hazlett in red pvc dress


sleep over party


leila hazlett in high heels


And I got a new cosplay outfit! I will be wearing this for an upcoming set here on pixel-vixens :)

leila hazlett in cosplay harley quinn

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Recent Photoshoot

Hey guys, I'm back! Sorry I disappeared for so long. My life has been crazy over the past years and only now things are getting more stable. I won't bore you with all the details but I had a failed spinal surgery 3 years ago which left me unable to work much or be reliable for some time. I hate being unreliable so I became rather withdrawn. Now things are going well and I'm back to doing more modeling work. Here are some new images from a recent photo shoot I did with Maker Images: