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TOPIC: Worst Con Drama Ever

Worst Con Drama Ever 3 years 2 weeks ago #5435

  • Captain Theo
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Darkhair wrote:
Captain Theo wrote:
I'm going to keep this short... never touch anything managed or ran by *any* staff from Youmacon. Ever. i'd go into detail, but it's a mixture of awful and makes my blood-boil to the point of I WILL KILL EVERYTHING THAT MOVIES (Except Xoe, maybe Noel... maybe.)
I worked at Youma once.  Everything was awesome.  Did something happen the years since I've been there?

I'll leave it at this - If I ever see wigboy Morgan, I'm going to break his nose. That's if he's lucky and I stop there.
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Worst Con Drama Ever 3 years 2 weeks ago #5436

  • Centurion
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Jeez! I always seem to avoid Con drama. Then again, I'm drunk a majority of the time and I usually roll with some pretty intimidating looking fellows, so perhaps that's half of it.
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Worst Con Drama Ever 3 years 3 days ago #5454

  • ArielleAquinas
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Well I have been going to cons for a long time, I'm a female, and I dress in skimpy outfits so I've had more than my fair share of con drama and general terrible con experiences. The worst being having to rescue my friend who was being raped while unconscious. I pray to god I never have to do something like that again.
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Worst Con Drama Ever 3 years 2 days ago #5460

  • crimsonlight
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all my drama has happened behind the scenes, I have volunteered for a few conventions in my area... but none are as managed poorly as the couple I've worked with based where I live.  I'm going to keep this as civil as possible, overall they've treated me well but I did have some gripes that they never addressed and as far as I know right now they have not asked me to come back to help them out with the convention that is coming up in january where I live.  I don't like thinking negatively of them, but these facts need to come to light.

When I was working promotions with Ikkicon/Anime Overload, often times I was thrown into working the table by myself for pretty much the entire time the artist alley/dealers room/wherever the fan tables were open despite having an entire team assigned to specific hours... this annoyed me to no end because often times the person who was supposed to be supervising me or the chairman himself would just up and leave without instructing me on what I'm supposed to be doing (I usually figure it out) and I'd find out that they're just going off to party.  I've never asked for much as I never really minded working 8 hours straight, but I felt I deserved at least maybe a five minute break or something to grab a snack and/or use the toilet... maybe even some time to enjoy the con myself as often times it would be my first time attending a con I couldn't otherwise afford to visit.

Oh, then there's the whole work curfew thing... I had to be back in the hotel room either before or when the people ranked above me decided to turn in. (and they usually are the ones holding the room keys, despite usually partying all night and then getting hungover bad enough that I take over setting up the table every morning, not the chairman but rather the person I'll call my department director is the one who parties heavily)  It always felt unprofessional and very disorganized when I was brought along... and I hear that not much has changed as I went to visit the table to register for Ikkicon during San Japan, I felt bad for the people at the table as they told me their supervisor had just wandered off and hadn't returned for almost half the time they were there.

The only way I could circumvent the curfew issue when I actually was working Ikkicon or Anime Overload was because I had a staff position (info desk manager) so I was issued a room key or I was assigned to the room where the hotel liason was staying... not that I ever abused the accomodation, I still was in bed and ready for my shifts on time.

Now regarding when I was info desk manager... I was expected to know everything that was going on. I'm not joking, they put me in charge of making sure the information they put in the programs and on the fliers was accurate before AND during the convention.  Yeah, this included when things changed... they did all this without ever contacting me about anything I was supposed to know ahead of time.  They would often change things on the floor plan so none of the maps would be accurate, they didn't have a very good radio network for anyone but the security (and they even did pretty bad with their jobs too except for a few who I could name who did exceptional jobs and went beyond to make sure the con went smoothly)...

I feel like outside of some volunteers, majority of the staff is composed of people picked out of nepotism/favoritism and not based on how well they could do their jobs... and probably one of the most glaring problems is that they very rarely listen to attendees on how to fix problems as well as outright blaming attendees sometimes for why their staffing is so bad.  I've seen some people who were very good at their jobs just kind of not return out of disgust or being rejected because someone closer could fill in their position and it would cost less to not pay for a room for them to stay in.

Again, I don't want to sound like I'm bashing the convention... they're good people but I think they're just very disorganized and unprofessional, choosing familiarity over quality... and that's very disappointing because I really want them to succeed.  I attended the convention before I worked for them, it is a legitimate good experience for a first timer or someone who just likes small cons... but as they grow I feel they may not know how to accommodate a bigger crowd.
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Worst Con Drama Ever 3 years 2 days ago #5462

  • DJsubtract
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Damn. I'm sorry to hear that, Arielle. You are a hero for coming to their rescue and I hope that never happens at a convention ever again. 
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Worst Con Drama Ever 2 years 11 months ago #5474

  • MagePride
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The worst con drama I've had actually spanned to two cons.

My partners and I have an ex who literally stalked us for two cons in a row, sent people to try and cause shit with us, and spread nasty rumors. She paraded around with things of ours that she'd stolen and told people my partners and I had raped her. Luckily, those that actually KNOW us didn't believe her lies, but there's a reason I'm not going to certain cons anymore. I don't want to have to worry about someone coming to cause shit with me because of her lies, and they all go to the same cons together.
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