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TOPIC: Worst Con Drama Ever

Worst Con Drama Ever 2 years 8 months ago #5425

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I posted this con drama story on the BronyCon community forums.


I posted my facebook account the following message:

"Last year's BronyCon was fantastic. This year's BronyCon, however, wasn't fantastic. It was good but the bad moments outweigh the good moments. For that, I have to rate it 5.9.

Hopefully, next year, it will be better."

Sure enough, I received messages from friends, fellow brony group members from all three of my groups, and some bronies on several fan pages. Everyone has been asking me as to "Why? What happened? What made you unhappy at BronyCon?"

Let me explain it:

1st of all, my reasoning as to why I did not enjoy it had nothing to do with BronyCon staff members, security, the fandom, the panels, and the events/programming. You guys at BC did a better job this year.

The real reason is that I can't stand having to babysit someone and knock some common sense into a friend of mine when he causes so much trouble.

It happened on Friday Night. I was cosplaying as Sting from WCW/TNA/WWE when I went to the Brony Bullying panel and I was with a friend of mine, named Mike. We arrived at the panel where DustyKatt and two other panelist were discussing about bullying issues. Throughout the panel, a few people had discussed about their past when they were victims of bullying and one Con Security or Staff confessed that he was a bully back then but was reformed after he realized his mistakes and the harm he caused.

After the former bully spoke, a young girl (probably between 19-23 years old) cosplaying as Fluttershy and sitting next to some guy, whom I'm assuming is either her boyfriend, brother, friend, cousin, or someone she knows was with her. The girl told her bullying story that her biggest bully was her mom and she broke down crying during the panel. It was tearful for me to watch and listen to her that I just want to stand up and comfort her but someone already did. It was a brony mom that did it and I thought it was nice of her. Dusty gave the girl some helpful advice before the final minutes of the panel and I look at Mike and said,

"I wanted to talk about my experiences as a victim but I can sum it up that I'm glad you and I are friends."

Mike says, "I know man. I know."

When the panel was over, a few of the attendees went to go comfort the Fluttershy cosplayer. Mike says, "I'm going to that girl and comfort her." I said, "Alright, I'm coming with you because I feel bad about her."

So we go and meet up with the girl and waited for the both of us to speak to her and comfort her. Right after an attendee was done talking to her,

what happened next...I swear to you...it was uncalled for and I couldn't believe Mike did this...

Right after the attendee was done, Mike goes up to the girl and says, in an unprofessional manner...

"Hey, I'm sorry what happened between you and mom but do you want to be my date for the Gala?"

I look at Mike and my expression behind him was "...What?"

The Fluttershy cosplayer ignored Mike and then another attendee went to talk to her. As soon as the other attendee had a few words, Mike cuts him off and says,

"Hey, my mom once said that it's better if you would like for me to comfort you if you want to come to the gala or Bronypalooza."

Already, I'm about to burst my bubble and I'm trying to tell Mike to stop.

Then, the brony mom from earlier tried to give her helpful advice...WHEN MIKE PUSHED HER ASIDE and says, "You know you could come with me and I can make you feel better if you come to the gala tomorrow."

That is when I had enough and I pulled Mike and I said, "MIKE! STOP IT! STOP IT NOW, MAN!"

I go up to the Fluttershy cosplayer, apologize for what she's going through, and gave her my Fluttershy keychain (the one from McDonald's years back). She thanked me for it until Con Security told everyone to leave.

As we left with the attendees, I confronted Mike and said, "What was that? Why did you do that?"

Mike says, "What? What did I do?"

I said to him, "You were asking her out when she just broke down in tears after telling her story? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?"

He says, "I was only trying to cheer her up."

I said, "Asking her out to the gala isn't a great way to cheer her up. You should've just tell her that you felt bad about her life and hope she stays strong! NOT GO ON A DATE AND CUTTING PEOPLE OFF!"

Mike says, "You're right. I'm sorry about that. I'm going to go to the rave and I won't do something like that ever again."

After he was done, he left to the rave and I went back to my hotel room to shower and bed.

Saturday, after I got out of the backstage of the Mane Event room for the Cosplay Contest (I was cosplaying as CM Pony), Mike happened to show up by exiting the room. The both of us watch the rest of the cosplay contest and after hearing who won the contest, the both of us left. We went outside to walk on the sidewalk of the con and made it to the southern part of the con that's close to the harbor.

Mike says, "You wanna go to the harbor?"

I said, "Nah, let's go up North and back to the con. There's nothing exciting at the harbor."

So we turned around and headed back when this homeless, African American, disabled veteran came up to me and Mike. The vet goes up to me and ask for money.

I said, "No thanks." and walk past him.

Then...this happens...

Right behind me, I heard Mike yelling and screaming at the vet. I turned around and the vet tried to attack Mike so I had to step in.

Mike was yelling, "DON'T YOU [explicit]ING TOUCH ME!!!"

Disabled vet said a few words but I couldn't understand him because his teeth were missing and he was a bit deaf. However, I warned the vet to back off from Mike and the vet tells me, the best I can get out of from him, that Mike took his donation card, crumple it up, and threw on the ground in a disrespectful fashion.

I look at Mike, pointed at the crumpled paper, and said, "DID YOU DO THAT, MIKE?!?"

Mike says, "HE TOUCHED ME!!!"

I said again in an angry tone, "DID YOU...CRUMPLED HIS PAPER AND THREW IT ON THE GROUND!?!"


This is because he's still mesmerized by the whole Baltimore riots that happened in April and this is how he treats a disabled veteran? By being a total jerk?

The vet demanded money...and you know what...I agreed because Mike was going to pay for that. Then, I saw the Ice Cold Water Guy passing by and I called him up.

I told Mike, "You're going to give this vet money. You're going to buy some water and get change to give to this man."

Mike says, "I don't have change and I don't trust him!"

I yelled at Mike again and told him to buy water and get change. Sure enough, he took out $20, bought some water, and I demanded him to give the veteran the money that he owed him.

Once the vet left, I yelled at Mike on how I was furious at him for what he did and question him as to what has gotten into him.

He goes, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. I just don't trust people here in Baltimore."


Mike says, "I'm sorry, man. I'm sorry. Please don't tell my mom about this."


He says, "Okay, okay. I'm going to change my tactics. I'm sorry!"

I told him, "I'm going back inside! I have to get ready for Dance 101 and go to the gala."

Mike says, "Okay...well...I'm going to the rave."

We went our separate ways and I went to do what I need to go. I did a cosplay photoshoot and then went to the room to change into my gala suit.

After the gala suit was put on, I went to attend Dance 101.

Things were going good when Josh, from the DC Bronies, showed up. I walked up to him to chat for a bit about the Single Mixers event that we were behind. Josh told me it was cancelled so I said, "What a bummer."

As soon as I about to go ask a girl to be my dance partner...

...look who showed up...


Mike comes up to me when I'm talking to Josh and says,

"Look! I'm sorry on what I did today."

Do I really need another apology from him? Seriously? An hour ago he apologized and now he's doing it AGAIN?!?!?!?

He continues to ramble on and on about his mistake from Friday and today and he brought up on how he was worried over some girl he met at the rave, that most likely she's either in jail or in the hospital. I don't know if he knew her for a long time or just met her cause he doesn't go into full detail.

So after listening to him, while trying to hold my anger inside, he wanted to hug it out. So we hugged and he went to Bronypalooza.

However, he wasted 20-30 minutes of my life while I'm trying to learn on how to waltz and ask a girl to be my dancer. So, I lost track on everything and how to waltz by myself.

When the gala started, I was upset that I don't have a dance partner and that this Celestia cosplayer that I met earlier at the Dance 101 turned out to be a teenager so I was disappointed (I'm 28 years old and in my opinion, I don't dance with minors or teens unless it was a relative from my family). I would've had a dance partner from Dance 101 if Mike didn't interfere. So I had to resort to listen to my music on my PSP as I stood on the side waiting for some girl to walk up and ask for a dance.


I see a Slender Pony cosplayer standing near the side of the gala by himself when a girl, possibly a pre-adult, asking for a dance and he got one. Meanwhile, other singles outs were getting dances from other women but I was the only of the few left and I was already fuming. I danced a little bit to the hip pop and party music. Feeling hurt and upset, I had to resort to dancing with my Lotus Blossom plush and I didn't feel happy about it. Oh, by the way, there was somebody across form me dancing with her Big Mac Chibi plush...but...she was a minor so no go for me.

After being alone, having no dance partner, and when the couples dance began, I got up and left the gala so I can blow off steam. I went to bed that night and told my roommates about what had transpired earlier and they couldn't believe it. They hope things could get better on Sunday.

Sunday, after attending the family feud panel, I walked outside the panel room and decide to shoot some video and pictures...




Then...he says the most stupidest thing every like he doesn't even get it...

Mike said, "I had the best BronyCon weekend ever!"

*Cue falling facepalm to the floor*


I tell Mike, "...Look...I need time alone."

Mike says, "Okay, great. I'll leave you alone. I'm going to go walk around and probably go home. We should share a room together for next years BronyCon."

I am not going to share a room with him but I would rather stay with my other friend, Logan, because he was a nice guy and even the two females roommates that shared the room with us.

So once he left, I went upstairs to participate in the Open Mic challenge and did good. However, once I left Mane Event hall, I go to the bathroom and change out of clothes for urban clothing and went home, hoping that Mike doesn't follow me AND APOLOGIZE FOR a 5th time.

And there you go.

I didn't have a great time and hoping that next year's will be better. To the staff at BronyCon, Grand Galloping Gala, Security, Panelists; etc. You guys did great! Everyone who went and cosplayed were awesome. Plus, meeting WWE NXT SuperStar Corey Graves while shooting his show Culture Shock at BronyCon was the only best highlight of Sunday next to the Open Mic event that I did for my CM Pony cosplay. I had fun at the Cosplay Contest and to the married couple who taught me on how to waltz at Dance 101, I thank you for that.

I'm hoping I'm not the only person that had to deal with this kind of con drama before.

So therefore, I rated my weekend at BronyCon 2015 5.9 out of 10."

This was by far the worst convention drama I had to deal with this year. Anybody else besides me had con drama that was awful?
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Worst Con Drama Ever 2 years 8 months ago #5428

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Sorry, Limpbizkit. I've never had Con drama, maybe I'm just lucky. There have been a couple of annoying Con moments over the years. The one that annoyed me the most is a really petty story but I'll share it anyway. :)

A couple of years ago, a Con held an anime 'Jeopardy' contest. Everyone in the audience got a raffle ticket for a chance to complete in it. There were four rounds of four people completing for the final four. That means only sixteen out of about a hundred got to complete and my number was called right at the end of the fourth round draw. I felt so lucky to be completing and even luckier when I won the fourth won and was in the final four. At this point however, the winner of the first round disappeared or must have went home so the final round was short one person. Instead of letting myself and the winners of the second and third round complete against each other since we earned it, the guy in charge of the con decided to ask the audience if anyone like to fill in for the missing winner of the first one. One guy raised his hand and the group of people around him all agreed , 'Yeah, let him complete.' This guy I should point out must have been an anime expert because every time nobody on the knew the correct answer (or the Question since you know, it's Jeopardy) and the audience was asked 'Does anyone know the answer?', this expert shouted out the answer. So even though his raffle number wasn't called even once and he didn't win any of the rounds to complete to make it to the final, he got into the final anyway because one of the other winners went home and con rules had to have four in the final because...logic. Can you guess what happened next, he destroyed the three of us and won the final round. At least, I won second place due to scoring more points than the other two. I couldn't help but feel I could have won first place if that guy hadn't been bought on the fill someone else's seat. Still, I didn't want to be 'That guy' who complains to everyone about it and try's to get his justice and want's his own personal recognition, you know 'That guy'. I just 'Let it go' and became the better man to just well, myself. Even at the closing ceremonies, when the announced the winner of the anime Jeopardy to everyone and he went on stage to collect his prize and congratulatory handshake with the Con chief, I still didn't want to be 'That guy'. I just 'Let it go'.   

One year later, I didn't get a chance to complete in very next year's anime Jeopardy contest as my number wasn't called. But his number was called and he won the contest...again. He even reminded everyone in the audience that he won last year's contest too. Once again, I didn't want to be 'That guy' so I shut my month, bit my tongue and said to myself 'You mother F*****.' It's a very petty story but hey, it's the truth.  ;)
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Worst Con Drama Ever 2 years 8 months ago #5429

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I have a TON of con drama stories but I'm not going to tell them all because that would take hours to write out.... :pinch:
I say that even the worst conventions can be fun as long as you go with the right friends. The same goes for the opposite though. You could be at the best convention in the world but if you go with the wrong person, it could ruin your whole trip. I know that I've gone to quite a few conventions with the wrong people. I've had times when I've gone with great friends but then they bring their other friends along and I ended up not enjoying their company that much. One of the worst times was when I was driving to a convention with a friend and one of her friends that I had just met. They both had no other way of getting to the convention other than me driving them there. I was young and it was my first time driving a far distance without one of my parents. Any time I showed even a tad bit of anxiety, her friend would get upset with me. It was ridiculous! She wouldn't leave me alone even after I asked and she was rude the whole weekend too. I'm still upset with my friend for bringing her along.
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Worst Con Drama Ever 2 years 8 months ago #5431

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I'm going to keep this short... never touch anything managed or ran by *any* staff from Youmacon. Ever. i'd go into detail, but it's a mixture of awful and makes my blood-boil to the point of I WILL KILL EVERYTHING THAT MOVIES (Except Xoe, maybe Noel... maybe.)
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Worst Con Drama Ever 2 years 8 months ago #5433

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Not being able to figure out if my friends are busy and want to hangout with me  though the con.
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Worst Con Drama Ever 2 years 8 months ago #5434

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Captain Theo wrote:
I'm going to keep this short... never touch anything managed or ran by *any* staff from Youmacon. Ever. i'd go into detail, but it's a mixture of awful and makes my blood-boil to the point of I WILL KILL EVERYTHING THAT MOVIES (Except Xoe, maybe Noel... maybe.)
I worked at Youma once.  Everything was awesome.  Did something happen the years since I've been there?
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