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TOPIC: PV Escape

PV Escape 4 years 8 months ago #1491

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***Please, please, PLEASE read all posts before posting in this thread and try to read the Roleplaying thread to get a general idea of some of the ideas that other posters are wanting to incorporate into this role play. This world and its "laws" will be made as we post, and not all of them will be spelled out simply in this thread***

Elrik sat on the edge of the great Trelm Cliff. He watched the second moon rise behind the Golden City of Verris. From his vantage point he could see the city and the farms that dotted the land around it, the Cave of Lost Love off to the west, and almost completely across the Narrow Sea. It was an impressive view and one that Elrick frequented to clear his head. Not many people visited the cliffs like he did. They didnt trust the wind that gusted off the Vertician Plains. Many a young child were nearly lost by sudden gales of wind almost throwing them over.

The warm breeze off of the Vertician Plains whipped his shoulder length burgundy hair into his face stinging his dark azure eyes, keeping the evening chill from making him too cold. His black duster and scarf helped fend off the Autumn chill but the wind was really what kept him warm. His thoughts jumped from his friends to his family, his memories to the his daydreams of the future, and then at last his mind settled on the prophecy that was told today by his friend Jenna. Such a strange and powerful prophecy. And from one not normally gifted with the power of future sight. Things had started to change in the world he knew, but he knew not if they were for the better or worse.

Once the first moon was high in the sky and the second moon was well over the horizon, Elrik stood to the fullest ability of his 6 foot body would allow and turned to face the wind. It felt refreshing and comforting on his face. The red grass of the Vertician Plains rippled and swayed as if a sea itself, never looking dangerous but also very much alive demanding of respect. It was 4 foot at its tallest and varied from a very soft pale red to the darkness of blood. There were creatures that only lived in these grasses and most of them were deadly if you ventured too close.
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