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TOPIC: WWE fans?

WWE fans? 3 weeks 1 day ago #6345

  • Frey
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Okay, I'mma gonna say this:

Every card build-up was shitty, BUT WM 33 WAS FUCKING AMAZING!

Hardy Boyz were the biggest pop of the night for sure and my nostalgia boner hit an all time high.

Every match, regardless of how short or dumb it sounded, each wrestler performed their fucking hearts off.
Pre-Show stuff - they always put a mid-card title / some other title to get the crowd going. (pre-Hype if you will)
SD Women's Title - while it was short, it wasn't terrible. Plus, since the audience, and the group i was watching with, were already exhausted from screaming in joy from everything before it, it was nice and relaxing, and thoroughly pleasing. (plus Becky cosplaying Aloy from Horizon was <3 )
WWE Universal Title - THIS IS WHAT THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE BACK IN WM 20! No bullshit, just two big dudes using the same signature moves and kept it short.
WWE World Heavyweight Title - Bray...while you did lose, you gave me back some creepy ass nightmares. and this sets up for more of a feud. Could've been better? yes, however I loved how they used more graphic/visual during the match.
Taker vs. Reigns - Reigns now has Nuclear Heat which means he can be an actual Hell and not shoved in our faces (sort of) . For the Undertaker it was supposed to be Poetic, something that we all never wanted to admit deep down, but i cried Man Tears. (also Reigns is A talent when used correctly :) )
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WWE fans? 3 weeks 21 hours ago #6346

  • Darkhair
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Here's the problem with Reigns. They won't turn him heel. Vince and creative built him and want him as the babyface of Raw. That's why they've given him the main even of the past 3 wrestlemanias. IF he had turned heel in the match it might have taken the sting of him winning off. But we didn't respect him before the match, and this will only cement a entire career of resentment and he will never get over now. Also, no Regins can never be A talent. Because he's missing one of the most crucial skills of A talent. Charisma and mic skills.

I hate that people keep telling us that "You're just mad taker lost. He's old. You're suppose to lose when you retire. Get over it". And its annoying they are missing the fact that this isn't the way Undertaker should have gone out. Imagine taker going out in any of his previous matches where the match has top talent and the crowd respects both wrestlers (Hogan v Rock, HBK v Ric Flair, or Mick Foley v HHH). Yeah, we were sad when the retired, but we didn't HATE the guy who pinned him. Plus it's not even a memorable retirement match. If taker retired after losing to Lesner, people would have still been pissed about it, but at least it's memorable. Noone will put this match on a most memorable match. This was WWE literally pissing in our eye.

And yeah, i agree that the universal title match should have been what WM 20 was. But they can't remake history and I still remember 20, so I just couldn't get into this. Plus, Brock is still a part timer.

Only person I could say that didn't perform well was Corbin. He botched at least 3 spots badly. Regins botched too, but everything else he did fine.
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WWE fans? 2 weeks 3 days ago #6348

  • DJsubtract
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I forgot to mention...I absolutely loved Wrestlemania 33. :cheer:
It was my 19th Mania that I watched live at home and it was brilliant. I missed the pre-show because of the time-difference. I expected them to recap the highlights during the show but they didn't. In fact, there was no backstage/interviews at all which was nice. AJ beat Shane...excellent. Kevin beat Chris...also excellent. Bayley retained in a match that started great but fell apart after Nia was eliminated. The Hardy Boyz returned and added another Tag Team Championship to their Universe. Poor Enzo & Cass though. WWE kept them waiting for a title win which might not even happen now the super over Hardys are back. Cena & Nikki beat Miz & Maryse and finally John proposed. Yay. Judging by the boos and the hate, there was a lot of single people who ain't never get married in the crowd. :P Seth beat Triple H in the longest match of the night because of course, Triple H get's the long match of the night. Did his entrance also scream 'Mid Life Crisis' to anyone else? Randy beat Bray in a fun little match which a lot of people weren't happy with the finish. 'Why did Bray lose?' they said but if you think about it, if Randy didn't win then the last seven months were for absolutely nothing. Everything from Randy joining Bray/them winning at Survivor Series & the Tag Team Championships together/Luke costing them the championship and which let to Bray tuning on Luke/Randy winning the Rumble & Bray winning the championship at Chamber/Randy earning Bray's trust/torching Sister Abigail's ashes & finally driving Bray to madness. I love Bray Wyatt but he had to lose. Lesner beat Goldberg clean. Wow, Bill has never lost clean in his entire career and the match itself was fantastic. The ghost of their first match has been laid to rest. I still remember watching their Wrestlemania 20 match without internet access so I didn't know that both men were leaving. I just thought at the time, the crowd shit on the match because they didn't care about either guy, Austin had retired and wasn't wrestling in the match itself. ;) Naomi won her Championship back and thankfully was on the main show and not the pre-show. Naomi's entrance just doesn't work in daytime. I like and respect both Roman Reigns and The Undertaker so I loved this main event. Better than last year's main event and just as good as Roman and Brock two year's ago. Thank you Roman, there's a podcast interview with Chris Jericho out now that's a great listen. Thank you Undertaker for an incredible career. Salute.
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WWE fans? 9 hours 52 minutes ago #6371

Having been there in person for WrestleMania this year, it was memorable in its own right since I did a whole weekend overall of going to different wrestling shows and the like.

Also, the Hardyz returning was electric.
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